Technology News

BID Awarded Alcoa, #1 Aluminum Producer

Alcoa is the world's most admired metal company in the world according to Fortune, a list that includes fellow Business Initiative Directions (BID) winners ArcelorMittal and Tata

Metro-North At Risk for Falling Behind on Safety Technologies?

A major railroad connecting Connecticut to New York may not be upgrading fast enough to meet new safety standards. The federal agency tasked with overseeing railroads is concerned that Metro-North may not meet their year's end deadline for installing ...

Can Modern Technology Save The Earth's Dwindling Coral Reefs?

The solution to these environmental conditions is the realm of sociology and politics, not technology or ecology. It really is that simple. We need to agree as a planet that how we are consuming natural resources and how we are managing waste products ...

Aspen Security Forum: Emerging Technologies

Representatives from the “brave new world” of artificial intelligence, drones, robots, quantum computing, and data analytics explain the promise and peril of these emerging technologies and the security implications they entail.