Quality News

Bombay Hospital in India

Indian hospital utilizes cutting edge quality management techniques to bring much needed services to the poor

Castlegar water quality improving

Turbidity has reached acceptable levels in Castlegar's water system but the city will be keeping its water advisory in place for a few more days. “As there is still some rain forecast, it will give the opportunity for the reservoirs to turn over with ...

UAE residents' spending priority? Quality of life

Spending in the UAE has registered steady growth over the past four years, with a focus on the quality of life rather than on luxury or lifestyle. This reflects stable levels of consumer confidence, the inaugural edition of the Network Index of ...

Lack of quality oversight makes working polls tough

After working the polls more than 70 times, there hasn't been one time that I have not heard complaints from the poll workers and voters. We know that the more voters we get, the fewer incumbents who will survive. Everyone with a comment recommends ...

Chicago Cubs keep getting quality outings from veteran Jon Lester

As the Chicago Cubs rotation looks for consistency, one man continues to deliver just that. Gritty veteran Jon Lester is up to his old tricks at age 34. Since signing Jon Lester to a six-year, $155 million deal ahead of the 2015 campaign, the Chicago ...and more »

Grant Thornton Among Leading Firms

The Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D) award winning Russian division continues to expand international operations with offices in over 100 countries, more than 31,000 personnel, and $3.8 billion USD in combined global revenue