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Handcrafted New Mexico Bowl trophy a unique work of art

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Every stroke of of the paint brush has a meaning, every aspect an interconnected labor of love. It's a masterpiece of art, a piece created anew each year to intertwine different cultures. It's a disservice to call the piece awarded ...and more »

When 'culture clash' gets in the way

The late Harvard University professor predicted that world events would revolve around a “clash” of cultures and religions, or “civilizations,” rather than ideas. His view still holds some sway. China, the biggest player in East Asia's culture, along ...and more »

Building a new creative culture

Since the advent of advertising agencies, creative culture has been male-driven. “Mad Men” had it right — although the show's sexist portrayal of women in the workplace is disgustingly wrong. In the past, female creative directors were a rarity. It ...