Spotlight on Innovation

VICE; Industrial Designers and Engineers of LED Lighting Systems

tIn the cradle of the exploding construction industry of Beirut, one company has made it its mission to push lighting technology into the future

© 2016 Raoul Men / David V.

Located at the centerpoint of the Lebanese Mediterranean coast, Beirut is one of the most fascinating and dynamic cities in the world. Long Lebanon’s capital, largest city, and cultural nexus, Beirut has been known throughout its history as a beacon for personal freedom and expression in the Middle East. Though war-torn, and often at the center of one dispute or another, Beirut has persevered, and has entered a new era of rebuilding and re-imagination in the last five years.

Beirut’s latest construction boom has lifted the economy out of the doldrums of post-war rebuilding. Everywhere you look in Beirut and the surrounding towns, new buildings seem to be sprouting up overnight, with hotels, condominiums, and office buildings replacing old, war-torn blocks. The high-end real estate market, in particular, has been a steadily growing segment in Beirut. The construction crane has become a ubiquitous symbol of Lebanese progress, and the skyscraper its result.

But the act of construction is only one component of what it takes to create a new living or work space in the 21st century. New technologies mean that building subsystems, including HVAC, plumbing, and lighting can be more efficient and more flexible than ever before. And with more than 400 construction projects ongoing at any given time in Beirut, there is plenty of opportunity for companies working in this segment to make a mark. One company in particular, Vice, a lighting system designer and manufacturer, has taken LED technology from the margins to the mainstream in Greater Beirut and beyond. 

LED Innovation in Lebanon and Beyond

Vice, based in Beirut, is at the bleeding-edge of the lighting technology of the future. LED, standing for light-emitting diode, is a concept that has been around for a relatively long time. LED’s first appeared in electronic devices in the 1960’s, when they were primarily used as low-intensity infrared emitters, such as those found in TV remote controls. Eventually, breakthroughs allowed for the creation of blue LED’s, then white LED’s, further expanding their use. But today, LED’s can be used in a wide number of applications and wavelengths, and thanks to their small size, longer life over incandescent bulbs, low-heat creation, and low-energy usage, they are ideal for use in creative lighting applications in new, high-efficiency buildings.

© 2016 Raoul Men / David V.
Vice Lighting engineers, designs, and builds versatile LED lighting systems that designers and architects can utilize to make their visions come to life. Its products are used in many of the biggest and most ambitious building projects in the region, and their innovative designs allow for unrivaled flexibility in deployment and usage. From major resorts, palaces, and even cruise ships, Vice products are ideal for create stunning lighting designs that are low-maintenance and highly efficient.

For a company that creates such highly sophisticated products, Quality is an undoubtedly central management concept for Vice. LED lighting systems, though replete with advantages over their more conventional counterparts, require much more precise current and heat management. Manufacturing processes are closely refined to create more precise results, with very small room for error allowed. With such innovative and novel products, that give lighting designers the exact tools they need to achieve their visions, Vice has staked its reputation on the quality and reliability of its products.

For its technological innovation, its creative industrial design, and high-quality manufacturing processes in a growing market, Vice Lighting has been selected to receive the BID International Quality Award, among the highest honors for managerial quality and excellence in the world.


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