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Venezuela de Servicios & Productos C.A. (VSIPCA)

Anaco based firm supplies energy and construction essentials

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Venezuela, the fifth most populous country of South America, is also the world’s fifth largest oil exporting country, and home to the largest proven oil reserves in the world—about 20% of the global supply. It’s no wonder that oil and gas exports account for some 25 percent of the country’s GDP, and forms an extremely important part of work life in the country.

The government in Venezuela has heavy involvement in the petroleum industry, and as such, companies that work in this business sector in the country must be able to work with the private and public sectors simultaneously. One of the companies that does great work in support of both the petroleum industry and the construction sector is Venezuela de Servicios & Productos C.A. (VSIPCA).

Eduardo Enrique Medrano Piedra,
Founder & CEO of VSIPCA
The company, founded by Eduardo Enrique Medrano Piedra and Marvelys Arevalo, makes its home in Anaco, which is located in the Venezuelan State of Anzoátegui, a northern, central state with ample coastline and lots of industrial activity. Anaco, in fact, is largely known as an industrial city. VSIPCA works to support this industrial activity with much needed supplies and products. On an industrial worksite, safety is of utmost importance. VSIPCA is a vendor of much needed safety implements such as reflective vests, non-slip and protective boots, harnesses, ear protection, and much, much more. Another important need for worksites is having quick and easy access to the internet, so VSIPCA provides the latest routers and mobile hotspots to get new construction offices up and running quickly.

Thirdly, VSIPCA works in the area of hardware and tools, providing the implements needed to get work done in the field. This includes wheelbarrows, appliance dollies, screwdrivers, paint knives, ladders, shovels, and more.
The company is launching a new strategic alliance with Ultra-Weld, adding a new, extremely valuable line of service to the company's already ample offerings. The products will become a permanent part of VSIPCA's catalouge of goods. 

For a company that supplies such important implements and materials, quality becomes a central preoccupation. Tools must be sourced from quality suppliers, shipped, undamaged, and distributed quickly and efficiently. Further, VSIPCA must separate itself from the competition with better customer service and quality of product.

© 2015 Raul M. / JZam
Turner Construction is another industrial company with operations in Latin America. While the company is responsible for some of the world’s best known mega-projects in the Middle East—such as the Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest building—Turner also has completed projects such as the Torre BBVA Bancomer in Mexico City. Other projects in the region include the Government Campus Plaza at the Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Procter & Gamble Gillette manufacturing facility in Irapuato, Mexico.

Turner Construction, a BID award-winning firm, has demonstrated its quality over and over again with the completion of some of the most important construction projects in the world. Much like VSIPCA, Turner often works with governmental bodies, as it has completed government projects in dozens of countries. VSIPCA hopes to use the same Quality policies to find growth in its home country, despite the challenges that it faces. With time, effort, and a deep commitment to quality and continuous improvement, that growth will surely come.


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