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Vermell Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Company

Medical device manufacturing company specializes in transfusion products

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Iran, the oil-rich Western Asian nation of 78.4 million people, is a country in a state of transition. Having recently had Western sanctions on international business lifted, Iran is officially open for investment from new partners in Europe and the United States. With an economy that was forced to diversify and improve its fundamentals in the absence of oil revenues, the country is now poised to enter an age of rapid development with the opening of foreign investment and sudden availability of old capital.

Much of this economic development is occurring in and around Tehran, Iran’s bustling capital and largest city. Flanked by the dramatic rise of the Alborz mountains, and home to some impressive national monuments such as the Azadi tower, Tehran is truly one of the world’s most beautiful cities. It has a long and varied history, but one thing that has remained consistent in the city is the traditional Persian cultural focus on science, mathematics, medicine, and education. Iran has one of the best-educated populations in the world, and it regularly produces top-level talent in the sciences.

Capitalizing on this talent are several research academies, universities, and new companies working in the biotech field. One of the absolute best of these is the Vermell Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Company, based in Tehran.

Vermell specializes in the manufacturing of products used to collect, maintain, handle, separate, and transfuse blood and its derivatives, such as plasma. This includes plastic bags and bladders, sterile tubing, and sodium citrate solution. Vermell, a subsidiary of Green Cross, from Korea, is the only company making such products in Iran today, and as such is an incredibly important component in the country’s medical device and healthcare industries.

In modern medicine, the ability to transfuse blood is absolutely essential to treating patients. Vermell partners with research centers like IBTO, Royan Stem Cell Technology, and Standard Institute.

© 2016 Jav Zamor / Ramen

Quality is essential to Vermell, if not simply for the nature of the work it does, then due to its dedication to the people its products serve. “The quality is our products’ soul,” it says, “which grants second life to patients.” Defects in products could have catastrophic consequences for patients, which is why Vermell participates with ISIRI (Institute of Standard & Industrial Research of Iran) standards, and follows the standards of ISO-3826, which are international standards specifically related to the manufacturing of plastic collapsible containers for human blood.

The Vermell company plays an important role in advancing medical knowledge in the country. One of the ways in which it does this is by funding and providing financial assistance to to research centers in order to develop medical knowledge and research capabilities in the country. It also helps share the work being done through publishing the Monthly Medical Treasures newsletter, devoted to promoting the latest scientific advancements made in the medical field.

For its contributions to science and technology, its support of a growing economy, and the essential role it plays in providing healthcare to its country, Vermell Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Company has been selected to receive the 2016 BID Quality Award, one of the highest international honors for organizational excellence and quality.


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