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Torino-Praga Invest

Czech real estate development company makes Quality a priority

© 2015 R. Mena / J. Zamora
Of all the post-Communist states of Europe, none are more stable and prosperous than the Czech Republic. With the most developed industrialized economic system of any of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Czech GDP per capita at purchasing power parity was $29,925 in 2014, enough to rank the country 39th in that category. The country ranks 50th in total GDP with $325 billion despite only being ranked 81st in population with just over 10.5 million people. With a high-income economy and comfortable-living standards, the Czech Republic has managed to successfully remain peaceful and maintain its growth through democratic governance.

As always, a strong economy results in a surplus of money and the opportunity to invest that money for further growth. Few investments offer the stability and lucrative potential of real estate, and this is exactly what Torino-Praga Invest specializes in. The company deals primarily with exclusive and unique real estate development and further provides complex real estate services in connection with a sale and lease of properties. This includes management and maintenance of properties, the seeking and identifying of potential buyers and tenants, assisting clients with financing, and accompanying them through the whole process of purchase or lease.

Founded in 1995 by Dr. Nino Altomonte who still serves as CEO, Torino-Praga Invest is truly in sync with the Czech Republic as the country is not much older than the country itself. The company is not limited to only their native country, however. Dr. Altomonte earned his bachelor’s degree in Political and Economic Science from the University of Torino, Italy and he gained real estate investment experience in Italy and France, before beginning to work in Prague in 1994.

Torino-Praga Invest believes that uncompromising quality is important to any kind of business, not only real estate development. This philosophy has clearly and positively impacted the way the company operates and has resulted in numerous quality and customer satisfaction awards being bestowed upon the company. In 2002, it received the Best of Realty award for the residential project TRZISTE in Lesser Town near Prague Castle which involved a complete sensitive reconstruction and restoration of a Renaissance building from the 16th century. In 2003, they again earned a Best of Realty aware for Hotel Le Palais, a luxurious hotel with a domestic atmosphere. In 2009, the project Prokopova was ranked third for the Best of Realty for a modern and expressive concept. In 2013, Torino-Praga Invest once again one a Best of Realty award for the project Rivergate, which also earned the Prize of Architects in the Real Estate Project of the Year competition.

© 2015 R. Mena / J. Zamora
What makes Torino-Praga Invest stand out is their belief that top quality is not only for the privileged but should be accessible to all. Most of the prestigious award winning and successful projects in the company’s portfolio are mainly residential projects that achieve excellence by emphasizing top quality of completed construction and all provided services. With such a sound core belief, it truly is no wonder that Torino-Praga Invest has such a lauded record of success.


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