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Shopping Center Capital (TC Capital)

Top of the line shopping center located under Independence Square in Minsk delights locals and visitors alike

© 2015 J. Zamora / Raul M
Minsk, the largest city and capital of Belarus, is the dynamic and monumental home to some 2.1 million people. The city’s modern architecture is a remnant of a difficult past, but today, Minsk is a pleasant place full of cafes, restaurants, shopping, and some excellent museums.

Minsk is located right in the center of Belarus, at the conjuncture of two rivers, the Nyamiha and the Svislach. The Nyamiha has been mostly diverted through pipes and artificial channels, so is a minor part of the geography of the city. The Svislach, on the other hand, meanders through the town as a major feature, enrobed in parks and handsome homes.

Another major point of interest in the city is Independence Square, home to the seat of the national government and surrounded in important Belarusian institutions such as the Minsk City Executive Committee, The State Pedagogical University of Belarus, the Churches of Saint Helena and Saint Simon, and the best hotels in the city. The beautiful, open square is a monument to Belarus’s gaining of independence in 1995 from the Soviet Union. In 2003, a major project was undertaken to expand the square into more than just a monumental public space. Completed in 2006, four levels of shopping area beneath Independence Square have been dug out and turned into the Capital Shopping Center, or TC Capital.

The inauguration for the TC Capital shopping center was held on new year's eve, 2006, and for the last decade has been a major shopping and social destination for locals and visitors alike. Today, Independence square features large glass domes that serve as skylights for natural illumination to enter the shopping center below.

On the uppermost level is a grocery store, Radziwill, and below one can find all of the services of a town square coupled with top fashion brands, both domestic and international. Printmakers, keymakers, beauty salons, and more are found alongside major fashion shopping brands such as Mango, Springfield, Women’s Secret, and more.

© 2015 D. Vega / Jav Zamora
In order to contribute to the “city center” feel and encourage a sense of community, the shopping center provides free wifi and plenty of cafes and restaurants, attracting not only shoppers, but people on-the-go as well.

Meeting stringent safety and training standards is a major point of quality for the Capital Shopping Center, which attracts 200,000 visitors a year from over 70 countries, and has become a popular destination for film crews from both television and movies. The inclusion of such an elaborate and complete town center, safely underground and warm during the cold weather months, encourages shopping and social interaction year round.

The innovative concept behind TC Capital and its execution of quality standards in all areas has lead it to be named the best shopping center in the country in 2012, and is the kind of institution that gains recognition from international bodies such as Business Initiative Directions. TC Capital, with a complete commitment to quality and the principle of continuous improvement, will surely delight visitors and Belarusians alike for years to come.


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