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Pixel Oats

Venezuelan tech company builds platform that connects designers with entrepreneurs

© 2015 Raul Men / J. Zam
Many of the most revolutionary new companies are those that successfully build a system for connecting independent service providers to those who need those services. Companies like Über and Airbnb have become massive institutions thanks to landing upon an idea that changed the way that people commute, travel, and even think about planning their days.

The truth is, that some services are best provided by individuals. Freelancers are the go-to providers for many kinds of marketing efforts, such as social media campaigns, SEO, content writing, and graphic design. In Latin America, a startup known as Pixel Oats has sprouted up to help new and growing companies find graphic designers to work with through an innovative bidding process that allows buyers to choose among different “bidding” designers.

Based in Caracas, Venezuela, Pixel Oats was founded with the idea of not merely being a middleman between two parties, but to revolutionize the process by which clients hire graphic designers. One of the most painful things for both designers and clients is when work comes back and it’s not what the client had in mind. With Pixel Oats’ special bidding process, clients are able to choose from quick samples to get the closest to their vision without committing to a designer upfront. This saves both time and frustration for clients and designers alike.

© 2015 Raul Men / J. Zam
Though only in operation for a year, Pixel Oats has already attracted a community of over a thousand graphic designers and has served nearly two-thousand clients both internationally and in its home market of Venezuela. The platform is helping to facilitate a newfound tide of entrepreneurship in both its own country and in the Spanish speaking countries of Latin America. Close and precise communication is essential, so the existence of a platform dedicated to serving the second-most natively spoken language on earth will be a boon to those whose visions continuously get lost in translation.

Pixel Oats has helped hundreds of companies establish their first forays into building strong brands with logo design. This essential step is one of the hardest and most stressful to undertake. A brand’s logo is often a person’s first impression of a company, so it must make a strong first impression. Pixel Oats makes this process easier by allowing entrepreneurs to pick from a variety of designs to get closer to perfection, quicker. Pixel Oats is the kind of innovative startup that attracts international attention, and its dedication to the quality and robustness of its community shows that it has serious potential as a future institution in the design world.


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