Panteon Finance, from Ukraine, winner of the BID International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in Paris 2014

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Paris hosted this year's BID International Star for Leadership in Quality Convention, where professionals and business leaders from around the world gathered to recognize excellence and success. In particular, the convention celebrated quality in business and operations. Award winners demonstrated commitment to the criteria of the QC100 TQM Model, which helps bolster customer satisfaction and cost efficiency across all areas of operation.

Panteon Finance won the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in the Gold category in Paris in the presence of leaders and representatives from 49 countries at the International Star for Leadership in Quality Convention. The prestigious award is presented in recognition of business excellence and innovation. From left to right: Jose E. Prieto, President and CEO of BID, Andrey Lukyanskov, Head of Moscow Office of Panteon Finance, Ekaterina Tomazenko, Deputy General Director of Panteon Finance and Craig Miller, President of the QC100.
Among this year's winners, Andrey Lukyanskov and Ekaterina Tomazenko of Panteon Finance, from Ukraine, received the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in the Gold Category at the BID Quality Convention in Paris. The organization has made huge strides this year as a leader not only within its sector, but also in Ukraine. The Award came as an ideal way to celebrate this past year's successes while looking forward to putting quality first in the year to come.

Panteon Finance was founded in 2010. The company's founders were a group of investors who decided to come together to achieve shared investment objectives. The main field of its current activity is the foreign exchange market and management, which allows for it to receive maximum benefits. After entering the PAMM market, it performed a detailed study of the system's capabilities and decided to put it into use, offering a wide range to its clients. However, different from other companies, Panteon decided improve its services and offer clients the opportunity to invest in PAMM not only from its own funds, but from other brokerages as well. This helped significantly widen PAMM's range. To date, Panteon is still the only company to offer PAMM multibroker services. Two years in a row at the Moscow Forex Expo, in 2012 and 2013, the company won the "Best Investment Broker" and "Best PAMM Service" awards, respectively.

Among the company's other unique investment products are its "Investment in contemporary art" and "PAMM Funds", investment portfolio formed by professionals whose company, Panteon Finances, provides its own insured capital. Therefore, its investors not only have high profitability financial tools, but also the capability to minimize risks; this is part of why its PAMM Funds were recognized as the best in 2013.

In 2014, the company decided to expand its investment opportunities to its clients and offered them the opportunity not only to invest in the foreign exchange market, but also to profit from investments in modern art. It is the first to have made artwork investments accessible to a wide range of investors.

The company is constantly improving its programs and services, developing new financial tools and getting long term clients through its loyalty.

Andrey Lukyanskov and Ekaterina Tomazenko with the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in Paris 2014

All of the winning companies in Paris have expressed their commitment to the QC100 TQM Model, which serves as an excellent example for other organizations in today's rapidly changing business environment. By making customer satisfaction the highest measure of quality, BID award winners set the benchmark in their respective sectors and contribute to the social and economic development of their countries, paving the way for world-changing initiatives. A key example can be seen through Panteon Finance, whose spirit of innovation and positive growth has overcome and indeed thrived in the challenging current global economic climate.