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OJAR AZIÝA, Turkmenistan’s Construction Industry Leader

Key contributions across the map in Turkmenistan’s ambitious development plans

© 2016 Ramen / Dave V

Construction is one of those global industries that will always be important, no matter what country or sector you’re looking at. Governments and private enterprises are constantly in need of new and updated facilities, and population growth necessitates the building of new housing as well. But construction is always at its strongest when the economy is on the upswing, and this especially true in emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia, where the interplay between construction and overall economic growth is essential to overall fiscal vitality.

Turkmenistan, a Central Asian country with a population of over 5.1 million, has been a fitting example of the beneficial relationship between a strong construction sector and a burgeoning national economy. Since 2007, construction and civil renovation has become a focal point for the Turkmen regime. Energy infrastructure has been a central focus, an important investment in order to capitalize on the country’s extensive reserves of natural gas—the 4th largest in the world. This project culminated with the construction of the $3.3 billion Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India pipeline (TAPI), a sure signal of the country’s ambitions. Civil infrastructure and public services have also been a major focal point, with special attention being paid in turning Ashgabat, Turkmenistan’s capital and largest city, into a world class metropolis with high quality, modern infrastructure.

To look at Ashgabat today compared to what it was as part of the USSR is to see a city completely remade. Since the 1990’s, the majority of Ashgabat’s cultural and government institutions have been rebuilt in a monumental, white-marble focused architectural style, with other legacy buildings such as the central train station receiving full renovations. Combined with the impressive, mountainous terrain surrounding the city, Ashgabat is certainly one of the most readily rewarding places to photograph in the world right now.

But it is thanks to the country and the city’s home grown construction industry that Ashgabat and Turkmenistan as a whole have become what it is today, and one company, in particular, stands out among the rest for the quality, timeliness, and importance of its work: OJAR AZIÝA.

Construction of a bold new future

© 2016 Ramen / Dave V

For years at the crossroads of civilizations, with a central location on trade routes from East to West along the Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan is at the center of the developing world. Now, OJAR AZIÝA has played an integral role in reshaping the country, especially the Ashgabat and Mary Provinces, for a continued central role in global trade. Founded in 2008, this Ashgabat-based construction firm has completed hundreds of large scale projects since its beginnings, and has expanded into related business segments to augment its work and provide essential services to the growing industry. In addition to construction of roads and railways, housing, public and private buildings, cultural institutions, and sports facilities, it now produces its own building materials such as concrete and asphalt, and rents out equipment from its vast inventory of high quality items.

The reason that OJAR AZIÝA has excelled so much in the industry is its commitment to the principles of Total Quality Culture. Its main goals are ensuring the high quality of the work, timely completion of projects, and the total satisfaction of the customer needs within those parameters. By adopting a policy of continuous improvement in order to rise above the competition, OJAR AZIÝA has captured more and more market share with each year of its existence. The company’s main principles focus on developing team cohesion, fulfillment of obligations, honesty, openness, and assuring the quality of the work.

For its extensive list of completed projects, its contributions to the national economy, and its development of an effective and competitive Total Quality Management policy, Business Initiative Directions is proud to announce that OJAR AZIÝA has been selected to receive the 2016 BID International Quality Award.


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