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K-LINK International Bangladesh (Pvt). Ltd.

All-natural personal health products and supplements on an international stage

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Bangladesh, located just east of India in South Asia, on the Bay of Bengal, is the 8th most populous country in the world, with over 170 million residents living in the country. Counted among the “Next 11” emerging economies, Bangladesh is a place where change is taking place at a rapid pace. The country is achieving continuously higher levels of human development, with personal income doubling and poverty rates cut in half since the 1970’s.

Dhaka, the capital and largest city of Bangladesh, is perhaps the place in the country where these changes are most apparent. Having been at the center of global trade for nearly hundreds of years, originally developing as a commercial and trade hub on the Silk Road, today Dhaka is home to thousands of Bangladeshi companies, and the branch offices of hundreds of major international companies. With 17 million people, Dhaka is already one of the world’s largest and most important cities, one that is still growing rapidly. For companies wishing to expand internationally, Dhaka is a market that is difficult to ignore, thus it has attracted the attention of businesses from around the world.

This was no doubt part of the reason why K-Link, an international consumer health products company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that has a presence in over 50 countries around the world, founded a subsidiary, K-Link International Bangladesh (Pvt). Ltd., in Dhaka. Now one of its biggest branches, K-Link Bangladesh has taken its business to new heights in Dhaka and around the country, selling and distributing its products, notable for their use of natural ingredients, with great success.

Popular K-Link products include a line of herbal supplements and vitamins in capsule form; personal healthcare products such as an herbal, all-natural toothpaste and a range of feminine hygiene products; nutritional supplements such as propolis drops; natural teas, coffees, and low-calorie sweeteners; and negative ion products. K-Link operates with a multi-level marketing sales and distribution model, meaning that regular people, normally enthusiastic users of the products themselves, partner with the company in the sales and distribution of its products.

© 2016 R Mena / D. Veg

Multi-level marketing companies exist across the globe, and they are especially well-suited for companies working in the areas of natural supplements and vitamins. But in order for these companies to have sustained success, two conditions must be met: the products have to be of high quality and have proven benefits, thus creating the enthusiasm of the salesperson, and they have to be viable products that sell in the marketplace, offering a good value proposition for regular buyers, not just partners. K-Link has been able to create sustainable, international growth because its products are of the highest quality, all certified by the relevant governmental bodies for purity, safety, and authenticity. All products are thoroughly tested and quality is ensured.

Another reason that K-Link has found such success is the uniquely high amount of emphasis it puts on training its partners with a thorough knowledge of its products and in sales techniques. Each partner is, in a sense, an independent small business, but K-Link as a whole relies on the success of its partners for its own success. The company has created a range of training programs, which it calls the “K-System,” that helps its partners build their businesses into successful franchises. Programs include a new distributors seminar, 3 levels of training in basic business principles, leadership training, and more.

For its successful expansion into a new and essential international market, its quality control processes, its emphatic pursuit of partner training and development, and the satisfaction of its partners and its end-product users, K-Link International Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd. has been selected to receive the 2016 BID International Quality Award.


BID is a private and independent organization founded in 1984, whose primary activity is business communication orientated towards quality, excellence and innovation in management. A leader in the broadcasting of Quality Culture, BID recognizes those companies and organizations which lead the most important activities in the business world, and is considered the founding organization in the broadcasting of the Culture of Quality, Excellence and Innovation in 179 countries. The trophy symbolizes a pledge to the principles of Quality Culture. The QC100 Total Quality Management Model, together with the Quality Mix program, media coverage of the convention and its impact on the community and business sector, create an unmatched platform for continuous improvement within the organization and awareness of the achievements of the company at an international level. Awards are given only to those who are committed to improving their Quality Culture based on the principles of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model. Candidates are proposed by the leaders of previously awarded companies who they consider worthy of the award. Especially meritorious candidates may also be nominated. The International BID Quality Award Selection Committee then chooses the winning companies who will receive the award in New York, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Madrid and London.