Leading voice in quality medical equipment solutions wins ISLQ Award

Quality Comes First for JNC International

Many companies claim to prioritize quality, but few have a proven track record of providing ongoing quality services over prolonged periods of time. On June 21st in Paris, JNC International demonstrated its ongoing commitment to quality practices across areas of operations. In fact, Ms. Clare Omatseye, Managing Director of JNC International, gave the Convention's closing speech. She made mention of management, leadership, excellence across spectrums, and striving to raise the standards of healthcare throughout Africa. This was the second BID award for the company, which had previously won the International Quality Crown in London.

JNC International has continuously stood out as a leader in quality services throughout its over 20 years of operations in the health sector. JNC has served as a distributor for international manufacturers including B. Braun, Toshiba Medical Systems, Olympus and Shiller. The company provides cutting-edge products in fields such as radiology and imaging, surgical workplaces and infection control, among other areas.

For any organization of any scope or size, quality should come first. It leads to better results and more satisfied stakeholders across the organization. In the healthcare sector, however, when lives are at stake, high quality products are not only desirable, but are essential. We at BID warmly congratulate JNC International for its continued prioritization of quality products and services.