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Infinity Centre for Higher Studies

Private institution prepares students for careers in multicultural Sri Lanka

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The island nation of Sri Lanka, located just off the southeastern coast of India, is one of the most fascinating places in the world. Known as Ceylon until 1972, its strategic geographic location in the Indian Ocean has placed Sri Lanka in the center of many of the major conflicts in world history. From the time of the Silk Road in antiquity to World War II and the British occupation of India, Sri Lanka has been in the middle of it all, often contested over by warring parties.

But today, Sri Lanka is independent, and with independence comes the opportunity to develop and diversify as an economy. Sri Lanka is perhaps best known as an island surrounded by pristine beaches with a tropical forest interior, and as such, a bustling resort industry makes its home there. National Geographic has called Sri Lanka’s beaches the best in the world. More than just sun and sand bring in tourists. With a rich and diverse cultural history that spans hundreds of thousands of years, many temples and relics of human activity—including the Avukana Buddha Statue and the “eighth wonder of the world” Sigiriya rock fortress—bring people from all over the world to experience them. An incredible amount of both plant and animal life, including the Sri Lankan Leopard and plentiful Elephant population, are tourism draws as well.

Sri Lanka’s economy is developing outside of tourism, too, and this development is what matters most to the people who make their homes there. Education has always been important in Sri Lanka, and its literacy rate of 98.1% is much higher than that of other developing nations. While public education is solid, skills that matter most in the job market often fall through the cracks in general lesson plans. Private education has grown alongside the burgeoning middle class in Sri Lanka, and it has taken up the mantle of preparing people for careers in tech and other service industries. One recently founded company that has taken up the mantle of career preparation is Infinity Centre for Higher Studies, in Vavuniya—a densely populated town in the Northern province of Sri Lanka.

Infinity Centre offers courses and degree study plans from three schools: the school of intercultural studies, the school of computing, and the school of marketing. Professional skills, hands-on career guidance, and practical experience combine with academic instruction to create a holistic educational experience that can help students transition to full-time, skilled jobs. The Centre’s diplomas and degrees are backed by Information Technology Research Centre (ITRC) and Indian Institute of Intercultural Studies. Currently, bachelor’s degrees and diplomas can be attained in Intercultural Studies, Information Technology and Marketing, with new programs coming on line this year that include Hospitality, Customer Care and Process Implementation.

© 2015 D. Vega / Raul M
Infinity Centre for Higher Studies separates itself from competitors with its focus on quality management and an inclusionary and open environment. Men and women from all cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds are welcome to study at the Centre, despite it being a Christian university. It is managed by a board made up of International experts in its core disciplines, giving it a global perspective on dynamic fields of study that are constantly changing and evolving.

Sri Lanka and Infinity Centre for Higher Studies are partners in creating better futures for young people. In such a multicultural and diverse society, it is important that students are prepared in a holistic and thorough manner for work. With the increase in education, the economy of Sri Lanka and greater the Northern Province will only grow, and Infinity Centre for Higher Studies will improve and grow with it.


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