In Mozambique, construction boom has given rise to businesses devoted to quality

Imobilis: Satisfying Customers through Diversification

With real estate growing at an extraordinary rate, companies must offer excellent and comprehensive solutions to keep up the pace

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The ability to offer integrated services—that is, to offer different “edges” inside of one line of services—is vital to compete in this globalized world. The companies that are able to preemptively create a suite of products that will meet the needs of their customers usually gain a competitive advantage over other companies in the same niche.

Legendary Quality guru Jack Welch pointed to this in one of his most famous quotes: “if you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.” This blunt message has proven especially pertinent in the Real Estate industry in Mozambique, which over the last decade has experienced an unprecedented period of growth and expansion in the history of the young African republic.

After gaining independence from Portugal in 1975, Mozambique has developed into a real estate market buoyed by rising property values, mainly due to its abundance of precious beachfront property. Thanks to the unquestionable natural beauty of the African coast, property values surrounding the capital of Maputo have soared. While many of the Europeans that lived in the country prior to 1975 left for Rhodesia or South Africa after it gained independence, many others, as well as internationals from Asia and the United States, have decided to utilize the advantageous exchange rate that euros and dollars have against the Mozambican Metical to purchase beautiful vacation homes or beach houses. For the most part, the people that live in these shiny new properties on the coast don’t spend the entire year in Mozambique, so their homes require maintenance during the times that they’re gone.

Integrated Solutions Based on the Principle of Continuous Improvement

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It is in this emerging market that a young company is making a difference. Imobilis, an enterprise founded in 2010, combines real estate services with property management (from houses all the way up to office buildings) and air conditioning.

The comprehensive approach that Imobilis takes toward property management has prompted it to expand the number of services that it offers, covering everything from landscape maintenance, pool maintenance, air conditioning, and cleaning to full service remodeling, electric repairs work, and whatever else is needed to maintain its properties in the best of conditions.

This ability to offer all—or at the very least, most—of the basic services required to maintain properties in their optimal condition represents a real competitive advantage for Imobilis over the rest of the companies in the industry, and a real commodity for its clients. The fact that Imobilis can provide everything needed to manage a property saves time, headache, and money.

Its philosophy of pursuing diversity before problems arise has helped Imobilis become a more versatile and capable company, one that understands that the daily quest for continual improvement, one of the key elements of Total Quality Management, can yield incredible results. Due to its broad and efficient slate of services and products, Imobilis has quickly established itself as the fourth largest provider of property management and upkeep services in Mozambique.

For its commitment to customer satisfaction, its diversification of service, and its rapid and impressive growth, Business Initiative Directions would like to offer Imobilis the recognition of a BID Quality Award. With these unequivocal signs of effectiveness as a company, BID recognizes Imobilis as an example of commitment to Quality Culture and excellence.


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