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Groupe Edinoc, Kinshasa’s Source for Filtration Excellence

Supplier and distributor of essential filters brings world-class products to The Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Filtration is an important aspect of many industrial processes. Wherever purity, cleanliness, or separation of materials is important, filtration comes into play. Filters are important parts of engines of all kinds of transport modes, include airplanes, cars, trucks, busses, motorcycles, boats, and more, and their continued performance is essential for proper functioning of the overall systems. Filtration is an important aspect of chemical engineering, HVAC in buildings, and all kinds of industries.

Formerly known as Zaire, The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of Africa’s biggest countries. Second largest in land area, and fourth-largest by population, DR Congo’s 79 million people make it the most populous officially Francophone country in the world. The country’s main exports are all raw materials, which require significant amounts of heavy machinery to extract, harvest, and move.

As we know, filtration is an essential part of these machines’ operation, and the parts needed are sometimes very specialized, large, or hard to come by. That is where Groupe Edinoc, based DR Congo’s capital and largest city, Kinshasa, comes in. This distributor and seller of filters maintains a wide supply of specialized units for use in cars, trucks, busses, heavy machines, pneumatic air systems, and much, much more.

Kinshasa, Groupe Edinoc’s base of operations, is a city of 11 million that was once the site of small fishing villages. Located on the south side of the Congo River directly across from Brazzaville, Kinshasa is home to three universities, affluent commercial and residential areas, and much of the country’s economic activity. As the center of industry, commerce, business, and import/export activity, Kinshasa is the perfect spot for a specialized retailer and service provider like Groupe Edinoc to set up shop.

© 2016 DVega / RauMe

Groupe Edinoc is a leading distributor of HIFI branded filters, which is the market leader in filtration in Europe. HIFI, a Swiss company that began in french speaking Switzerland, has expanded over the years to most of Francophone Europe and beyond, including the establishment of large facilities in France, Switzerland, Poland, and Romania. Other suppliers include Perkins, CAT, Lister Petter, and SKF. With these state-of-the-art, high quality, and diverse set of filtration products at the ready, Groupe Edinoc has the capacity to serve its clients’ precise needs with speed and precision.

Along with an array of other oft-needed industrial replacement parts at the ready, Groupe Edinoc’s filtration supplies keep the economy rolling in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. When performance counts, and parts must be of the highest quality, maintenance managers head to Groupe Edinoc to get the supplies they need.


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