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Gella Electrolex Services Limited

Tarkwa, Ghana’s best Electrical Engineering and IT Service and Sales Provider

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Ghana, a West African country of about 25.9 million inhabitants on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, was, for years under the contested colonial rule of various European powers, referred to internationally as “the Gold Coast.” And while its coastal capital, Accra, is the country’s largest city and center of international commerce, the gold that has made Ghana such a desired piece of real estate around the world comes from the inland portion of the country.

Tarkwa, located in the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal Assembly of Ghana, is the center of the Ghanaian gold mining and manganese mining industries, both major contributors to the country’s economic vitality and growth, even today. The town is the home of the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT), the biggest mining training and research institution in Ghana. The mines and goldfields at Tarkwa produce 24 tons of gold per year. Here, new deposits are found, dug for, and exploited in the immediate vicinity of the town, a process that requires massive mobilization of man, machine, and industrial power.

When beginning mining operations, or any major industrial project in a new place, one of the most essential and most difficult things to do is to supply the massive amounts of electricity that the new facility will require. Luckily, operating in Tarkwa and beyond is Gella Electrolex Services Limited, an expert electrical engineering firm specializing in mobilizing power to large, industrial operations.

Electrical Engineering and IT with Quality Management and Community Engagement

© 2016 Jave Z. / David V.

Founded in 1997, Gella Electrolex Services Limited has emerged as among the best in its sector in all of Ghana. Whether it be supplying power to remote work and mining sites, upgrading power distribution, the sales and supply of electrical materials and equipment, or electrical engineering consulting, Gella Electrolex gets the job done, and with the highest marks in customer satisfaction. Its clients include the goldfields of Tarkwa, Newmont Ghana Gold, Anglogold Ashanti, the Minerals Commission, Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal Assembly, S.I.C Tarkwa, Billiton Bogoso Gold in Tarkwa, Shell Ghana LTD, and many more of the major players involved in mining and related industries.

Already a leader in the market in Tarkwa and the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal Assembly, Gella Electrolex is expanding to regions beyond its home turf, increasingly being tapped to perform jobs in areas all around the country, with projects completed in the Western, Central, Greater-Accra, and Brong Ahafo regions. It has also leveraged its distribution platforms and connections in the industry to expand into the IT sector, as, just as industrial worksites have always needed electricity, they are increasingly reliant on internet connections as well.

Alexander Bewong, CEO of Gella Electrolex, has maintained a policy of expanding the company’s quality programs into areas such as health and safety and corporate social responsibility (CSR). It maintains strict standards for the safety of its employees in new and sometimes hazardous worksites, and supports its employees with training in health and safety protocol. It also supports its community through various initiatives, with a strong emphasis in the areas of education and training. Gella Electrolex sponsors education for underprivileged students, helps to train university students studying electrical engineering, and donates to various local charitable causes.


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