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FTI Food Tech Pvt. Ltd.

India’s “Capital of Food” gives rise to excellence in food technology

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India, one of the largest countries in the world and home to a young, educated, and motivated population, is considered one of the major forces in worldwide economic development. It’s specific market sensibilities has caused international companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and Motorola to create products with India specifically in mind. But India is a cultural force, as well. It’s Bollywood film culture is internationally recognizable, and it has exported its distinct cuisine all over the world. The city of Indore, found in north central India, is a place whose identity is firmly rooted in the quality of Indian food, and is often referred to as the “Food Capital of India.”

The pride of Indore is the Sarafa Bazaar, an outdoor jewelry marketplace that converts into a wonderland of street food sensations after dark. The street, every night after 8pm, fills with food vendors selling light spicy and savory vegetarian snacks, a style of cooking known as “Chaat,” and a variety of speciality sweets. Street food lovers making the pilgrimage to this central Indian hotspot in the state of Madhya Pradesh are also sure to spend the day taking in the impressive architecture left behind by the Holkar dynasty and checking out the nascent coffee culture in the city.

But Indore is more than just a place to sample some good cooking. It’s also the economic engine of its home state, and some of the businesses that come from this culture of quality food have carried that tradition forward in their work. For over 10 years, FTI Food Tech Pvt. Ltd., which is based in Indore, has been keeping the food-loving reputation of its city alive being a leading company in providing Food Technological Services to processed food Industries. The company specializes in crafting the processes that take raw ingredients into fully-formed food products. From ingredient selection to machinery and process design, FTI Food Tech tailors its approach for each individual client to come up with the perfect solution for the product.

It’s no wonder, then, that such an accomplished food company would make its headquarters in the “Food Capital of India.” The company, does not confine its activities to India. It has an international scope, with their associates located in the U.K., Italy, Australia, Dubai, and China. When sourcing equipment for a client, it looks all over the world for the perfect machines to get the job done. Whether it’s processing peanuts, baking sweet snacks, frying up potato chips, or creating instant noodles and pastas, FTI Food Tech Pvt. Ltd. is ready to take on the challenge and ready to use therapeutic foods and supplement specially designed for severely and moderately malnourished children.

© 2015 David Vega / JavZ.
FTI Food Tech Pvt. Ltd. believes that quality is more than merely the excellence of its work, but how it acts as a corporate citizen. The FTI Foundation was set up with this in mind. This non-profit organization, operated by a board of trustees formed by local eminent businesspeople, works to provide food, medicine, and other essentials to local children and seniors. With a special focus on orphans and other underprivileged children, the FTI Foundation charitable trust does all it can to alleviate the suffering of those less fortunate of Indore.

Another company from India that gives time and money to those in need is the Tata Group of Companies, based in Mumbai. The Tata Group is not only the largest Indian business, but also the largest charitable giver in the country. Known for its immensely high quality no matter what business it’s working in, the Tatas never turn a blind eye to those stakeholders who may not profit directly from its businesses. Tata Elxsi, Tata’s design and engineering maverick, won a BID Award for Quality for its immense devotion to all the tenets of Quality Management and technological advancement.


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