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Esfre Trading; Ethiopia’s Premiere Importer of Agricultural Equipment

Importing and distributing high-quality Italian machinery and other much-needed equipment to Ethiopia’s burgeoning agricultural sector

© 2016 Raume N / Jave Zamor

Ethiopia—a landlocked country in the Horn of Africa, the continent’s easternmost stretches—is known as the cradle of civilization. Here is where the earliest anatomical humans lived, the source of all humanity. Today, Ethiopia is one of the world’s most stunningly diverse countries, with an incredible number of unique cultures forming in the pockets of the country’s uniquely rugged topography.

Scattered among the valleys, mountains, and highlands, over 80 distinct ethnic groups have emerged in Ethiopia, with more 90 individual languages spoken around the country. English, most likely due to its international utility, serves as the lingua franca between these diverse peoples, and is the language of instruction in secondary schools and beyond. Subsequently, the level of English among the country’s businesspeople and technical workers is remarkably high.

Ethiopia has seen unprecedented levels of population growth in recent decades. In 1983, the population was pegged at 33.5 million people, while today, the population is estimated to be over 101.5 million. This staggering growth has put the usual population pressures on the country, with an ever-increasing need for housing, basic utilities, and food.

Despite the sometimes insufficient food production, agriculture remains the most important sector of the Ethiopian economy. It accounts for 46.3% of domestic GDP, 83.9% of exports, and 80% of employment. Agriculture is also the foundation upon which much of Ethiopia’s other industrial and commercial activity is based, as food processing, marketing, and export rely heavily on the country’s output of coffee, oilseeds, legumes, cereals, potatoes, sugarcane, and vegetables.

It is easy to see that one of the most logical places to target development of Ethiopia’s economy is through developing its agriculture. Increasing production, overcoming the periodic droughts, and reversing soil degradation through increased adoption of modern methods and technology will not only serve to ease the pressures put on the food supply by a growing population, but will result in an overall growth of the economy as well.

Esfre Trading, an importer and distributor of high quality agricultural machinery and equipment, is playing an essential role in the continued evolution of Ethiopia’s agricultural industry. Esfre Trading’s core products include irrigation pumps, water storage systems, tractors, water distribution systems, and more, all the products needed to turn an agricultural operation into a highly efficient, productive, and modern farm.

Based in Ethiopia’s political and economic capital Addis-Ababa, Esfre Trading is an essential link between the enterprising farmers of Ethiopia and producers of much-needed equipment abroad. Esfre Trading’s partners include many Italian manufacturers of equipment, including Green Power, a producer of clean-running generators; Rovatti and Caprari, two leading makers of water pumps; Lombardini, a manufacturer of small diesel engines; and Iveco, the Turin-based vehicle manufacturer specializing in large and industrial vehicles, including tractors. These and other suppliers, which are carefully selected for being the best and best positioned (Italy is relatively much closer to Ethiopia compared to Asia or the United States, for example) to deliver world-class goods at an affordable value.

© 2016 Raume N / Jave Zamor

For Esfre Trading, quality begins in the sourcing of its products. It spends significant effort in ensuring the items that it buys and imports are of the absolute highest quality, reducing the risk of selling machines that are faulty or unreliable. Esfre Trading understands that in order for the national agricultural industry to develop properly, it needs the best equipment that will function for years and years. In addition, Esfre maintains its reputation as a provider of only the best machines, making it the go-to source for when resellers are ready to invest in equipment that will pay off for the foreseeable future.

Esfre Trading’s mission is very much rooted in the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR), an integral component of Total Quality Management. it believes that “every success has to be accompanied with creating prosperity” for the community at large, and indeed, every sale goes towards improving the country’s economic prospects. By providing excellent after-sales service, only the highest quality products, and exceptional value, all while considering environmental responsibility at all times, Esfre Trading builds prosperity and benefits its country.


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