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Egyptian translation experts grow through Quality Management

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Egypt, the most populous country in both North Africa and the Arab world, has one of the largest and most diverse economies in the Middle East. Unlike some of the other economic powers in the region, that rely heavily on oil exporting for income, Egypt’s economy is roughly equally spread out between agriculture, industry, manufacturing, finance, energy, and services.

It forms the bridge between the continents of Africa and Asia, and it borders the Mediterranean Sea, making it a close neighbor to Europe as well. This puts Egypt at the center of a radiating axis of many of the world’s major language groups: to the northeast, the languages of the Arabic peninsula, to the North, the Romance and Germanic languages of Europe, and to the South, the varied and numerous languages of the African subcontinent.

Egypt has one of the longest histories of any nation, and its cultural evolutions have produced some of the most well-known stories, landmarks, and images of antiquity. The Great Pyramids of Giza, just mere miles from modern metropolitan Cairo, continue to draw millions of visitors every year. Built roughly 4,000 years ago, the three Pyramids stand today as some of the greatest feats of engineering and ingenuity in human history.

The linguistic reality with Egypt’s borders is as complex as its history. Egypt’s population of 80 million speak a continuum of dialects of Egyptian Arabic (whose Arabic roots are in the 9th century), but for most written communications, Literary Arabic is used. When it comes to translating for an Egyptian audience, true expert knowledge is required, and careful consideration to cultural and linguistic norms. EgyMark, founded in 2003, has been among the very best companies when it comes to translating for this specific, and specifically varied, audience.

EgyMark team lead by Fatma Awad, President
Based in Cairo, Egypt’s cultural and economic epicenter, EgyMark takes quality very seriously in the provision of its core service, translation. Working for over 200 clients from more than 15 countries, EgyMark controls about 30% of the country’s translation market. As Egypt is in such an important nexus of world languages, different cultures and linguistic traditions interact in complex ways that only a true local expert can begin to wade through. Egypt is an important trade partner with Europe, the Middle East, and its home continent, so communication is essential to business in many industries.

EgyMark’s quality control system is an important part of why it has seen growth and success over the years. Its workflow includes multi-step proofreading and checking against source texts for accuracy, flow, and fluency. EgyMark never sacrifices quality for price, as its clients are well aware that a bad translation is always more costly than a good translation. EgyMark provides, accuracy, confidentiality of translated content, timeliness, and true cultural sensitivity in all the work that it does.

EgyMark’s services are certified by EGYTA, the Egyptian Translators Association, and its management system is ISO certified, bringing in new levels of excellence in its logistics to match its long standing reputation for excellence in its core service. In fact, EgyMark credits its new found growth to its increased focus on Quality Management techniques, freeing up time and energy for increasing market share and reaching new clients.

© 2016 D. Vega / Raul M


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