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ASB Karlson & K

Russian architects build beautiful, luxurious homes

© 2015 J. Zamora / Raul Men
Russia's economy, ranking at tenth according to nominal GDP and sixth by purchasing power parity GDP, is one of the world's largest. During the 1990s, Russia partook in market reforms that privatized much of the nation's industry and agriculture, while still maintaining state ownership in strategic areas of the economy, such as energy and defense-related sectors. In addition to its notable size, Russia's economy is also unusual, at least when compared to other major economies, in that the country relies on energy revenues to drive economic growth. Russia is dependent on its abundance of natural resources and thus, its exports, which include oil, natural gas, and precious metals. The oil-and-gas sector alone accounted for 16% of Russia's GDP in 2012 and 52% of the nation's federal budget revenues. In addition to exporting natural resources, the country also has the world's second largest arms industry which both designs and manufactures high tech weaponry and accounted for USD $15.7 billion in exports in 2013.

Regardless of how unique a specific economy may be, one need that will always exist in any modern, industrialized nation is that of construction and architecture. In 1991, architect Oleg Karlson founded architectural and construction company ASB Karlson & K after noticing two trends in the Russian economy. The first being Karlson foresaw that Russia's aforementioned market reforms would result in private housing and homeownership as the basis for economic rebirth in the country. The second was that there was a desperate need for construction craftspeople as skilled masons, carvers, plasterers, blacksmiths, and carpenters had virtually gone extinct as permanent housing disappeared over the previous 60 years. Now, for more than a quarter century, ASB Karlson & K have been reviving the best traditions of Russian crafts in private housing. They work with leading artists, designers and craftsmen to deliver unique work that both reflects the lost Russian architectural tradition as well as the personality of the client. In just 25 years, the company has constructed more than 300 private homes, ranging from modest garden homes to mansions for heads of state.

© 2015 J. Zamora / Raul Men
ASB Karlson & K are so committed to quality in their work from conception to design to implementation, focusing on every detail including landscape and interior design, that they feel confident in offering a lifetime warranty with unlimited technical supervision. Not surprisingly, this has resulted in the company being able to boast 100% satisfaction rate. This kind of close relationship with the client has only been made possible by the company's remarkable stability which has stood unwavering even in times of crisis within Russia. ASB Karlson & K truly believe that their reputation is more important than money. This philosophy has enabled them to provide excellent work regardless of the size of the project. They do not let the fact that they work with many of Russia's political elite take away from the attention they give to clients on more modest projects.

ASB Karlson & K's methods, core beliefs, and philosophy of excellence have not only carried the company for the last 25 years, but they continue to show growth in the future. Even as Russia's economy has decreased in 2015, ASB Karlson & K has grown in volume of sales in 2015.


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