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AP Goyal Shimla University

Indian private institution of higher learning offers innovative courses in a fostering environment

© 2015 Javier Zam / D. Vega
India has made tremendous progress in education, and as of 2011, has raised their literacy rate to nearly three quarters of the population, mainly through increasing primary education enrollment. The country has also experienced dramatic economic development over the last ten years. In that time, India has moved toward a free market economy, with the country’s overall growth reaching 7.5%. This growth is ultimately predicted to double the average individual income in just a decade.

India’s growing education system and economy are not coincidental, but heavily related. The country’s ever expanding education rates are the most cited contributing factor to this growth in the world’s third largest economy. Most of this progress is more specifically credited to higher education and scientific research. While education in India is mostly supported by a public sector, a large private school system has developed, with 30% of students receiving their primary education from private institutions. This private system has grown to include secondary and postsecondary programs as well. The entire private system had a revenue of US$450 million in 2008, but is projected to reach US$40 billion as the nation’s economy continues to skyrocket. This successful investment in private education is exemplified by AP Goyal Shimla University.

The University was founded by the A.P. Goyal Charitable Trust, a nonprofit organization that aims to mobilize world-class education and generate resources for supporting mass quality education for all. A.P. Goyal, the trust’s namesake and founder, is a respected businessman and social worker. His trust has been carrying out various social and welfare activities in the education, health and welfare sectors. The trustees have created adequate linkages, assurance and support from a large number of leading business houses to ensure the essential ingredients for the promotion of quality education, i.e. adequate financial resources, educational and managerial support and availability of quality faculty besides providing assurance of quality placements.

© 2015 Javier Zam / D. Vega
AP Goyal Shimla University was founded in the trust’s name with a mission to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence with a core value of freedom from discrimination. The university aspires to be the paragon of the comprehensive educational institution of the new century by fusing together a holistic teaching philosophy with innovative course content. Student growth is fostered by the university’s confidence and belief in the value of their unique holistic philosophy; the unparalleled quality and scope of their courses; the preeminence of their faculty; their commitment to fostering a diverse, flexible, and collaborative culture; and the cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure ensconced in the pristine environs of their campus. With a close relationship between teaching, scholarship and research, the university seeks to encourage students to develop deep, questioning spirits.

The flexibility the university can provide with its ability to offer professional degrees, diplomas, and certificate courses in programs as varied as engineering, technologies, management, architecture, law, hospitality, fashion, and mass communication ensure that AP Goyal Shimla University will continue to flourish and fit perfectly in the future of India, as the country sees continued educational and economic growth. The university’s strong social policies and core beliefs will allow it to benefit greatly from the projected explosion of the private education system.


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