Quality management and quality controls are the keys to succeeding in demanding market

Al-Massat: Providing the highest quality services in the pharmaceutical industry

Seventeen years giving the Middle East access to certified and inspected medicines for a better life

© 2016 Javi Zam / Raoul M.

From aspirin to the highly sophisticated drugs used to combat cancer, humans depend on pharmaceutical products to improve the quality of their lives, and sometimes, even to survive. The rise of modern medicine, based on chemical procedures and mechanical implants, has made the use of medicinal drugs extremely common throughout the world.

Drugs, when properly administered, represent a more cost-efficient and less-invasive solution to most health problems, making them a preferred course of action over surgery or other labor-intensive procedures. Over the last two decades, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry has experienced global growth. The sector has been responsible for the invention and production of an astonishing number of different products, ranging from those meant to treat common ailments like the flu to those that have successfully treated complicated disorders such as erectile dysfunction.

Even though medical drugs are widely used and accepted, governmental bodies tend to tread carefully when picking which companies will be granted the right to produce pharmaceutical ingredients and specialized chemical components in their territories. Why is it that governments keep such a close eye on the pharmaceutical industry? The reason is based on the fact that the same components used to heal are, in many cases, deadly when not properly treated. Thus, pharmaceutical plants can indeed be a very dangerous thing to have in your country if not correctly controlled and managed under the highest standards of quality.

For that reason, specialized pharmaceutical distribution companies are key to providing certified components and chemicals that allow people to live longer, better, and healthier lives. One of these ultra-specialized companies is Al-Massat from the United Arab Emirates.

Commitment to quality and providing safe, effective products

© 2016 Javi Zam / Raoul M.

Al-Massat Company is a Joint Venture between Arpadis N.V.—a leading chemical distributor from Belgium—and a group of professional investors in the Middle East who have been involved in servicing the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors for decades.

This union between Al-Massat and Arpadis, a European company that has branches all over the world, has enabled Al-Massat to have direct access to quality, inspected sources of specialized chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and lab diagnostic tools. Through this arrangement, the United Arab Emirates has direct access, via a secure and trustworthy channel, to the chemical components needed to provide medicinal treatments and increase the quality of life for the people.

Among other great achievements, Al-Massat can boast about being the sole, authorized distributor for US Pharmacopoeia (USP) in the Middle East and North Africa regions, thus becoming one of the pillars of the food and Pharmaceutical industries, and providing companies in the Middle East and North Africa with all the updates of the pharmacopeia and the international medical referential standards.

For more than 17 years, this pharmaceutical distributor and investment company has shown that it is committed to complying with the highest standards in the industry. It has attained the ISO 9001 certification in every one of its business branches,and its works in absolute observance of all the local regulations and laws concerning the use, export, and import of pharmaceutical and medical components and devices.

For its dedication to the quality of its products and brands, for offering its customers the highest degree of security and confidence in the efficiency and quality of the services it provides, and for complying with the highest standards of quality and regulations set for a very demanding industry, Business Initiative Directions has decided to present Al-Massat with the BID Quality Award 2016 in recognition of its absolute commitment to Total Quality Management and excellence.


BID is a private and independent organization founded in 1984, whose primary activity is business communication orientated towards quality, excellence and innovation in management. A leader in the broadcasting of Quality Culture, BID recognizes those companies and organizations which lead the most important activities in the business world, and is considered the founding organization in the broadcasting of the Culture of Quality, Excellence and Innovation in 179 countries. The trophy symbolizes a pledge to the principles of Quality Culture. The QC100 Total Quality Management Model, together with the Quality Mix program, media coverage of the convention and its impact on the community and business sector, create an unmatched platform for continuous improvement within the organization and awareness of the achievements of the company at an international level. Awards are given only to those who are committed to improving their Quality Culture based on the principles of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model. Candidates are proposed by the leaders of previously awarded companies who they consider worthy of the award. Especially meritorious candidates may also be nominated. The International BID Quality Award Selection Committee then chooses the winning companies who will receive the award in New York, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Madrid and London.