Building specialized machines that clean the world’s city streets

Çeksan: Turkey’s Global Street Sweeping Phenomenon

How Quality took this company from Izmir to the center of the global stage

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Turkey, considered the cultural and physical link between East and West, is one of the best places to visit in both Europe and Asia alike. Dotted with incredible cities and beautiful terrain, the country is truly a stunning tapestry of cultural and humanistic heritage. From the bridges of Istanbul to the clear blue waters of the Turkish Riviera, there is seemingly a new delight around every corner.

On Turkey’s west coast, Izmir is a major city that is decidedly mediterranean in look and feel. The country’s third most populous city—with some 2.9 million inhabitants—it lies across the Aegean sea from Athens. Izmir features many beautiful sights, including the blue waters of the bay, peaceful below rolling mountains; beautiful city streets; and many architectural wonders, both ancient and modern—the castle walls in Kadifekale, the Agora of Smyrna, Hisar Mosque, and Konak Square spring to mind.

Izmir has been an important city for more than 4,000 years, spanning civilizations, empires, wars, famines, and heroic conquests. In ancient days, it was known as Smyrna, and it flourished as a center of trade and mercantilism thanks to its strategic location, ideal port conditions, and ease of defense. It played an important part in the Anatolian, Lydian, Greek, Persian, and Ottoman civilizations.

Today, Izmir plays an equally important role in the economy of modern Turkey. Still an important port for both exports and imports, the city now features its own extensive production capacity as well. The Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (IAOIZ), opened in 1990, is a 7.5 million square meter area dedicated to furthering modern industry in the country. Located in the Çiğli district, the Zone is home to about 500 factories, and they are all powered by the Zone’s very own efficient and low-emission natural gas power plant.

One of the companies that has taken up residence here is Çeksan, a designer and manufacturer of street cleaning machines. These large devices are used to clean, sweep, and wash streets all over the world. Çeksan, in fact, exports its products to 36 countries on five continents. Its products are found in the biggest and most important metropolitan areas across the globe.

The company, for over 25 years, has consistently found growth through designing high quality products and providing excellent before- and after-sales service. This extensive customer service includes organizing training for customers, maintaining a global network of spare parts and maintenance suppliers, and extending one of the very best warranties in the business.

Çeksan makes both truck mounted and trailed street sweepers and vacuum road sweeping machines that come in a variety of sizes. These machines can be mounted to a variety of vehicles, making them flexible for use in any country or city. They are designed to efficiently use fuel and minimize dust through the controlled addition of humidity to the cleaning environment. The sweepers are designed with simple and intuitive controls that are easy to learn and master quickly, so cities can deploy them with immediately. They also feature variable pressure settings to help maintain the life of the brushes.

© 2016 Daved Veg / Javezam

The company has found growth by deploying a multi-pronged quality policy designed to meet customer demands, ensure continuous improvement, and build strong relationships with suppliers, adopting mutually beneficial arrangements that encourages growth for both companies

Çeksan is also conscious of its important role to play in sustainability. Not only do its products help cities maintain beautiful, clean, and sanitary urban spaces, but the company’s environmental and energy policies work to reduce air, water, and noise pollution. In the design phase, the engineers at Çeksan work to increase the ratio of recycled materials used in manufacturing and always choose the more energy efficient process or parts for all products/

With over 26 years in business, and a presence in 36 countries on five continents, Çeksan is truly a global brand. This success story proves that Turkey’s industrialization efforts were a huge success, and by creating incentives and opportunities for entrepreneurship, the economy will grow. Çeksan has been attracting international recognition in recent years, gaining prestigious quality certifications and attention from organizations that work to grow quality culture around the world. In the coming years, Çeksan will have a unique opportunity to seize its momentum to expand its business, provide major innovation in its industry, and increase profits.


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